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What does ABS mean? How can I exchange it?



ABS is a system that reduces wheel locks when braking suddenly or on slippery roads, and stops the car safely over a short distance. ABS is an abbreviation for "Antilock Brake System". Among them, the ABS sensor (wheel speed sensor) plays an important role, and it is located to each wheel and monitors the wheels separately to detect the timing when each tire and the road surface lock.

There are various possible causes for the warning lamp to light up or blink.

It is difficult for an amateur to identify the cause because there are various possible causes such as a malfunction of the vehicle speed sensor, a malfunction of the brake lamp, an abnormality of the ABS function itself, or an abnormality of the electrical system.

And replacing the ABS sensor requires touching the inside of the disc plate, which is a very time-consuming task even for those who are familiar with cars.

Be sure to have a specialist repair it without touching it with an amateur's idea.

Check the point "Is it a light that notifies the operation of ABS when the emergency brake is applied?", And if not, promptly have a dealer, dealer, maintenance shop, etc. inspect it.

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