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January 2023 New Product Flyer
2023/01/03 ~ 2024/01/03

180/New Product Flyer_2023 January
MAKER  MODEL  MobiletronNO  Category  OE NO. 
MERCEDES-BENZ C230 VR-B885 Voltage Regulator 31544306
C280 V6 3.0L 31546106
C300 V6 3.0L 31547406
C350 V6 1986AE0137
C350 V6 3.5L..(5) F-00M-144-157..(4)  
MITSUBISHI PAJERO/SHOGUN ? Canvas Top (V2_W, V.. AB-JP285 ABS Sensor/Wheel Speed Sensor MR307049  
PAJERO/SHOGUN ? Canvas Top (V2_W, V..
PAJERO/SHOGUN ? Canvas Top (V2_W, V..
PAJERO/SHOGUN Mk II (V3_W, V2_W, V4....(5)
TOYOTA REVO-FORTUNER VR-H2005-259 Voltage Regulator GS2MA-4370  

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