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TPMS Installation frequently asked questions



Q: Why the TPMS warning lamp remains on after replacing the new TPMS sensor?


A: There are several factors could cause the TPMS warning lamp remains on after replacing the new TPMS sensor, please follow up the below steps for resolving:

  • Ensure all tires are inflated to the pressure listed on the tire placard.
  • Make sure you have bought the correct sensor to replace the malfunctioned one from the car.
  • Make sure you have performed the essential relearn procedures instructed by car makers.



Q: What kind of the re-learn procedures should be performed after installing Mobiletron TPMS sensor?


A: You just need to follow up the same re-learn procedures instructed by car makers.



Q: What is the requested torques when installing Mobiletron TPMS sensor?


A: The torque to tighten the nut is 36 in-lb (4 nm); and 20 in-lb (2.2 nm) to the screw.




Mobiletron TPMS Sensors frequently asked questions



Q: Can the ATEQ and Snap-In adapters work with both Clamp-In and Snap-In TPMS sensors?


A: Yes, our ATEQ and Snap-In adapters are designed to work with both Clamp-In and Snap-In sensor types. Both adapters will also allow you to program the sensors with and without the valve installed to the sensor.



Q: Are Mobiletron TPMS sensors compatible with the industry's main TPMS scan tools?


A: Yes, Mobiletron's TPMS sensors are designed to communicate with all of the main TPMS scan tools.



Q: Can MORE Sensors be programmed by other TPMS scan tools?


A: Mobiletron's MORE Sensors can now be programmed with ATEQ's Diagnostic Tools! The ATEQ Adapter allows users who have the main diagnostic tool manufactured by ATEQ to program Mobiletron's MORE sensors.



Q: Are Mobiletron TPMS Sensors compatible with vehicles with Wireless Auto Location (WAL) TPMS systems?


A: Yes, Mobiletron's MORE Sensors and Direct-Fit Sensors are compatible with vehicles with a WAL TPMS system.



Q: How are Mobiletron's TPMS sensors programmed?


A: Mobiletron's MORE Sensors are infinitely reprogrammable using the Programming Tool and our Direct-Fit Sensors are pre-programmed - ready to fit!



Q: Are Direct Replacement TPMS sensors easy to fit?


A: There is no specialist training required. The fitting process is the same as OE.



Q: How long is the battery life?


A: The typical battery life of our TPMS sensors is more than 5 years.




Programming Tool (TX-PT001) frequently asked questions



Q: Is the TX-PT001 multilingual?


A: The TX-PT001 includes 10 European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Dutch)



Q: Are software updates free of charge?


A: Yes, software updates will be available free of charge for the life of the tool.



Q: How will software updates be downloaded and how will they be installed?


A: Quarterly updates will be made available through our website ( Download the software onto a USB device and insert it into the USB port on the Programming Tool. To complete the installation use the "USB Update" function from the "Main Menu" of the tool.



Q: Is the TX-PT001 compatible with other brands of sensor?


A: TX-PT001 has been designed specifically to work with Mobiletron's MORE Sensors.



Q: What is the vehicle coverage in TX-PT001?


A: TX-PT001 covers over 95% of vehicle applications for America and Europe markets.



Q: Does TX-PT001 program both Clamp-in and Snap-in sensors?


A: Yes, but you need additional adapter (TX-PT001A) to program Snap-in sensor.



Q: Does TX-PT001 provide the ID cloning functions?


A: Yes, TX-PT001 provide the manually enter ID function to duplicate the OE sensor ID into MORE Sensors.

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